Why Should You Visit The Rocky Mountain National Park?

The National Park offers more value to your vacation or trip than any other. You get to become a part of nature while doing fun activities with your family. This article will give you information on everything that you need to know about the mountain.

The thriving wildlife of the Rocky Mountain National Park is alive and still going strong, after all these years.

The State of Colorado takes care of the park on a regular basis, so visitors can expect to see the natural elements of the park without getting distracted. That is the reason why the Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado is considered one of the best mountain parks.


What Can You Expect To See In The Park?

When you pay a visit to the park, you can expect to see an amazing array of flora and fauna, a wild river with clean water that reflects nature’s colors, Alpine lakes, with luscious trees around every corner.

If you are getting tired of metropolitan life, then visiting Rocky Mountain National Park will bring in a fresh set of changes in your life. Being part of nature is something people always dream of but never have the chance to do.

Taking a vacation to This National Park will be a very good way to make that change in your life.

The park breathes out a natural air for the visitors but there is also another side to the first that people rarely get to see when they spend their time in the park.

The historical aspect of this park is just as strong as the natural side of the park. If you’re visiting this park for the first time, the sheer number of things that you can do here can be a little bit overwhelming.

It’s rather easy to miss out on the major landmarks. This article will give you the name of some of the best places in the park and why you should visit all of them before you leave the park.

The Natural Life of Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain will take you to the top of the world, as the elevation that you are going to experience on the mountain will be from 7,860ft to 14,259.

The Alpine visitor center sits on the highest elevation of all national park service. If you have an eye for breathtaking landscapes with towering peaks, then Rocky Mountain National Park will fulfill the dream for you.

There are over 77 mountain peaks over 12,000 feet high, no matter where you go within the rocky mountain national park, one thing for sure, that you are going to find the most gorgeous places with scenery that will make your jaw drop your jaw.

Nearly everything comes to life when it gets hit with the sun rays from the morning to the evening. Every part of the national park comes to life with a new color throughout the day.

The water will reflect the majestic beauty of the trees and the mountain on the water. Which helps makes it a great location for a photoshoot.

The stars will be much clearer in the night sky and almost all of them would be perfectly visible. It’s one of those things that helps draw a huge amount of people to the park.

It is because they want to get away from the fast-paced life, to relax a little bit, and to catch their breath before going back to the hectic lifestyle.

The water is crystal clear you will find the waters hidden among the trees surrounded by wildflowers. There are times you will find a maze of evergreen trees covering the mountainsides.

And the water would do a perfect job painting the sky and trees on its surface. Even on a short distance hike or walk, you will see an amazing range of landscapes with a beautiful sky that just pulls fiction out of reality.

The Wild Side of Rocky Mountain National Park

Nearly 250,000 acres of the mountain was dedicated to the wilderness by Congress in the year 2009. Protecting the wild beauty of the park has become one of the high priorities of the state.

Because it helps to drag in a lot of people every single year it also raises the bar for the maintenance of the park to an extreme degree.

When it comes to animals, the park is home to more than 60 species of mammals. The a part of the list of mammals that you can expect to see here is deer, elk, bighorn sheep, moose, and plenty more.

Here you can expect to see more than 280 different bird species, 11 species of fish, six amphibians, and a reptile. If the purpose of your visit was to see the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains, then you are not going to be disappointed.

Seasonal Effect on Environment

Every season would bring the new side of the mountain to the people. When you take a trip to the rocky mountain in the off-season, then you can trek through a forest full of white snow, as the lakes cupboard in sheets of richly colored ice. This makes this, a perfect location for either skiing, sledding, snowboarding, or snowmobiling.

Alpine Visitor Center June
Alpine Visitor Center June
Alpine Visitor Center February
Alpine Visitor Center February

The look of the mountain reflects on the season that is in. The nature of the mountain adopts the environmental changes of the season. Nearly every season, you can expect to see the side of the Rocky Mountains that you have never seen before. The mixture of the environment and the beauty of the mountain make the scenery more gorgeous every season.

Best Places in the Rocky Mountain National Park

Just like every other national park mountains that can be found all throughout the country, here you can expect to get the same treatment as others.

There are plenty of iconic places that will make your trip more memorable and exciting on every step you take in the park. Hiking does take the cherry off the cake here, as it is the most attractive thing that lures people into this national park.

Below you are going to find the best places to hike and have fun in your stay at the mountain national park.

Trail Ridge Road

Every mountain park has an iconic landmark to draw in a huge crowd, here you have the famous Trail Ridge Road or as it was once called Scenic Wonder road of the World. it still holds the record of highest continuous paved highway in the entire nation.

In a matter of a few mere minutes, drivers can climb up to 4,000 ft. When it comes to the major attraction, Trail Ridge Road is the famous one here, as it covers 48 miles between, Estes Park on the east side to Grand Lake on the west.

The Trail Ridge Road, one followed the path of Native Americans, as they used the road to get to the forest, above the tree line, another part of the region. But now the highway serves as a perfect way to explore the topographical range of the park.

Continental Divide Trail

Continental Divide Trail
Continental Divide Trail

Brace yourself for a 3,100-mile trail that covers Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico. Here you will find many family-friendly options for easy access.

Make sure you are prepared for hiking because this one will be a lot of challenges. As the trail will also offer, grizzly bears, lightning storms, avalanche danger, unmarked locations, weeks at altitude, and raging snowmelt filled river fords.

The entire hike will take around six months to complete the Continental Divide Trail. If you have different goals in mind, then it might take you less or more according to your own needs.

Lulu City

If you have had enough hiking and want to do something more exciting, then Lulu city is for you. As it is part of the ghost town from the late 1880s. Back then, the city had a population of 500 because of the thriving working mines.

The mining boom was a big hit in the area, as it brought over people from different states, but it didn’t last that long. After 6 years of mining, the city had become an empty city.

Now all that remains are the spooky remains of the past. If you want to make your trip thrilling adventures, then Lulu City is the place you need to be at.

You might not get the wildlife scenery, but the mining caves will be enough to fill your appetite.

Beaver Meadows Visitor Center

If you want to dig a little deeper into the history of the park, then there is no better place to start your journey than the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.

Here you will get the best information about the place, so you can plan a little better before you head out to the mountain for a trip.

There are plenty of trails that can be found all over the mountain, you need to know which one will be a little easier on the shoulder of amateur to professional.

The Beaver Meadows is the perfect place to start the initial planning of your long journey. Skill level varies from one person to another, you need to make a stop here to get all the information you can extract.

Downtown Estes Park

Estes Park is a perfect place to spend time in the rocky mountain. Here you will India host accommodations, motels, inns, bars, restaurants, and shops on the main street.

If you want to take some souvenirs back to your home, this will be the place for you. If you have had enough of the activities and want to take some time to relax and gather some thoughts before your next journey, then add Downtown Estes Park to your list.

Here you will also find museums to flip the page of the history of the mountain.

Bear Lake

Bear Lake Colorado National Park
Bear Lake Colorado National Park

For breathtaking views in the season of fall, make a stop at Bear Lake. You will see a great spectacle of nature, especially during the fall you will see every aspect of the place will turn into gold.

The pine trees surrounding the lake and the giant granite boulders add more value to the place. If you are planning to take a hike, then add Bear Lake to the list of hiking spots.

When you are at the end of the hiking trip, you will see majestic views of Hallett peak and half mountain.

The journey itself is very rewarding, but the views will be something that you need to see with your own eyes to believe.

Rocky Mountain Museum Collection

Looking to make your trip a bit more exciting, you can with the pages of the past try diving deep into the activities. If you want to enjoy the past life of the mountain, then you need to head to the Museum collection center of the Rocky Mountain.

Here they preserve the artifacts and specimens to tell the untold story of the park. You can expect to see household items from historic times, photos, oil paintings, and many to drag you to a world that never was before.

The entire collection here contains well over 30,000 cultural objects, 294 of art, over 10,000 biological specimens, and 455 geological specimens.

Make sure to stop by the visitor center to see all of the art from the bygone era. Another place that you need to add if you are looking for a museum trip is Moraine Park Museum.

The place is filled with exhibits on the natural environment of Rocky Mountain National park. The outdoor amphitheater holds various talks and events.

If you want to take in the views, you will find comfortable rocking chairs to see the surrounding beauties of nature. There will be a lot here.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is famous for its landscapes, wildflowers, wildlife, and the environment of the people.


If You are planning to stay here for a couple of weeks, then make sure to visit all the famous places and take part in as much activity that you can possibly can before taking a flight or trip back home.