Can You Run An RV Generator In A Walmart Parking Lot?

Walmart is one of the first places many think of when it comes to emergency overnight parking. After all, the founder has often spoken positively of such arrangements. However, many RV owners wonder, can they stay at a Walmart and run a generator through the night?

In most cases, Walmart will not allow you to run an RV generator through the night in their parking lots. This is because it can generate a lot of noise pollution and discourage people from doing their shopping. If you need to run a generator, you should probably park elsewhere.

So, now that we know that is the case let’s look at Walmart’s official stance on RV parking and the use of RV generators. We will also give you some tips on parking in the store parking lot and explain how you can safely use an RV generator before you go to sleep!


Is Running An RV Generator Allowed In A Walmart Parking Lot?

As you will see throughout this article, RV parking in Walmart can be a complicated issue, as it is typically up to each store manager to decide whether or not to allow it on a case-by-case basis. However, even if you are allowed to stay in a Walmart parking lot, it is unlikely that you will be allowed to run your generator while you are there.

Walmart will not allow you to stay on the property if you are generating noise. Since the company has some stores that are open 24/7, it is possible that the noise from your generator will become a nuisance for customers who are coming to the store to shop. 

As a result, the company generally does not allow you to stay and run an RV generator.

Walmart’s Official Stance On RVs

According to the Walmart FAQ section, the company states that it does, indeed, value customers in RVs. However, they also clarify that the company does not offer any accommodations or services for RV customers. 

Technically, the company allows RVs to park in the parking lots, with one caveat – they say they can when they can. In fact, whether or not you can park at a Walmart parking lot is entirely at the discretion of the store managers. 

This decision, according to Walmart, is made based on whether or not there is space available in the parking lot and whether there are any local laws that impact this action. This is why their official stance is to contact the store manager for information.

General Tips For Staying At A Walmart

If you want to spend a comfortable night at Walmart in your RV, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These will help make it easier for the manager of that particular Walmart store to allow you to stay in the parking lot:

  1. You should always contact store management before you reach to confirm that you can indeed stay there overnight. As different stores have different policies, you may have to drive around for a bit before you can find a suitable Walmart to stay at.
  2. Another factor to consider is the local laws and regulations at the state and city level. In some regions, parking overnight in parking lots is prohibited. You can get information on this when you contact the Walmart store management, as they will know local policies.
  3. As mentioned above, avoid running your generator at all. It is highly unlikely that the Walmart manager will allow you to stay and run the generator all night long, as it can create a lot of noise and discourage customers from entering the store.
  4. Always keep the area around your RV, and the outside of the RV clean. This will help you create a good impression on the team at Walmart, and you will inevitably have a nicer time there. Follow any of their rules regarding trash, cleanliness, and pet waste.
  5. While some Walmart stores will be okay with overnight parking, they will most likely not be okay with you parking for several days. So when you arrive, make sure to spend no longer than 24 hours in your spot and leave early in the morning.

You can also take a look at this video of the actions to avoid when staying at a Walmart parking lot:

Can You Sleep In RV With Generator Running?

If you are camping in an RV, your generator is one of the most important assets. It gives you the power to charge up your devices when the batteries run out and make hot meals when the propane runs out. But the question is, is it safe to sleep in an RV with the generator running all night long?

While sleeping in the noise of a generator running all night long can be uncomfortable, it is not usually unsafe. The sound of the engine could be too much for you to bear and even get you in trouble if you live in a public area, like a Walmart parking lot.

However, if you do need power at night or if you are going to have a heavy time usage, then you should use a timer for the generator. This will allow it to operate only at certain times of the day before shutting down and resting so that you can also have enough rest.

It is also important to test all your electrical equipment before going to sleep in an RV to ensure everything is functioning properly and safe to use at night.

So, if you plan on having a generator for your RV, then it is important that you are aware of its limitations to protect yourself and others from any possible problems. With the right amount of care and knowledge, you can safely run an RV generator all night long without worrying about anything going wrong.

Final Thoughts

Overall, running your RV generator in a Walmart parking lot is generally not recommended as it can create too much noise for customers. The store management can decide whether or not you can even park your RV there in the first place based on their policies and local laws.