How to Create Engaging Travel Videos for Your YouTube Vlog – 6 Tips

The world is full of sights that you will remember forever, sounds that you never thought you would hear yourself, and experiences that you thought were unattainable. But still, the world is in the palm of our hands and the world is accessible to all of us.

All you need is to dress well and bring a camera to record everything. And what better way to share your travel adventures than through the captivating medium of video? There is nothing better than showing your adventures to the audience, but also inviting them to enjoy the same adventures.

YouTube vlogs offer a unique platform to document your journeys, inspire others, and build a community around your wanderlust. It is a platform where a large number of videos can be viewed, as well as posts where travelers and wanderers have something new to bring from their travels.

But with countless travel channels already vying for attention, how do you make your videos stand out? Of course, through the editing and what you offer in the full final video. Fear not, intrepid explorer, for we present to you 6 essential tips for crafting travel videos that will make your video equally interesting for every travel lover. Let’s get started!


1. Prepare a story that everyone will want to hear


A travel video isn’t just a slideshow of photos and videos, it’s a whole story that everyone would like to hear and see, but only if it has an attractive and sufficiently loud narration. Weave a narrative that takes viewers on a journey together with you, regardless of whether you will wander together in an area that is inaccessible, walk in an old locality, visit the best restaurants, or an uncoordinated walk in one of the world’s most famous capitals presenting culture and beauty.

Highlight the emotional arc of your experience, and add something private that can make the viewer fall in love with your journey. Starting from the initial excitement to the unexpected obstacles, and the ultimate satisfaction of discovery, the journeys are magical through a video that has a story. Remember, people connect with stories, not just scenery.

2. Create a masterful intro to your video that will buy viewers

The first 15 seconds are crucial, so make a masterful announcement and introduction that will make viewers sit down in front of your channel to enjoy the traveling stake. Grab viewers’ attention with a powerful opening shot, an intriguing question, or a humorous anecdote, and also use great effects and masterful yet simple editing skills using a tool like Adobe Express. Think of it as your trailer, enticing viewers to stick around for the full feature.

Review the footage and add the best one or just add a good announcement through a good visual effect. Keep in mind that the first 15 seconds are crucial for your stake and your channel, so make the most of them.

3. Bring a visual feast for the eyes of the viewers!


Don’t get stuck in a rut of wide-angle landscape shots and boring effects or transitions. Give the viewer a reason to fall in love with what they’re watching and don’t waste minutes of your video on boring frames and effects!

Spice things up with close-ups, action shots, drone footage, and time-lapses, and edit it all well, carefully choosing which effect is next or which transition would perfectly connect two great videos. Keep the editing dynamic, using cuts, transitions, and slow motion to add rhythm and emphasis. Remember, you can only create a feast for the eyes with great visual work on the video, so focus on it.

4. Bring a landscape of sounds for all those who were not there with you

The most important thing is to bring videos of the destination, but it would also be great if you bring a soundscape. It doesn’t matter whether it’s recorded sounds or authentic music that matches the video. The sights may be mesmerizing, but the sounds are what truly transport viewers to your destination.

Include ambient sounds like bustling street markets, crashing waves, or the rhythmic melody of local music. Don’t forget the power of your own voice, which can bring the story in the right way before the eyes of every viewer. You can also use the audio editing options. Narrate your experiences, offer insights, and ask viewers questions to keep them engaged.

5. Convey who you are through a video of your trip

Convey who you are through a video of your trip

Authenticity is key, and a travel video can only be authentic if you are who you are in it. Therefore, convey all the memories, convey all the beautiful events, but in your own authentic way. Don’t be afraid to let your quirks, humor, and genuine enthusiasm for travel come through – so that’s you, and for many of the viewers that’s exactly what’s important, that the narrator be himself.

Your personality is what will make viewers connect with you and come back for more every time they want to watch a new travel video, but also to check where their favorite character went to travel and explore next.

6. Find great editing software, but also invest in equipment

Invest in some basic equipment so you can bring great results. A decent camera that would give the feeling that the viewer is at the moment with you on the journey, a lightweight tripod that will be of great help in conveying the story, and a good microphone that will be able to convey your excellent narration can significantly improve the quality of your videos, but not only that! Also, find good software that will be able to bring the best of you and the trip into a well-edited final product. Remember, even a smartphone can capture stunning footage if you use it creatively, as well as record great audio – but you need to invest.


A travel YouTube channel can be a challenge, but also a great hobby that will animate all viewers and convert them into followers. All it takes is to make great and engaging posts of your travels, and videos that they will enjoy and in turn, will be happy and keep coming back for more. Bring new habits to content creation and bring great quality that everyone will enjoy.

If you are a person who likes to travel and spend time in nature you can think about camping as one of the solutions for your YouTube vlogging.