Why Should You Visit The Great Smoky Mountains?

Have you ever wondered about visiting The great smoky mountain? If you have, then this article will provide you all the information that you need to know about the smoky mountains.

Why you should visit the Great Smoky Mountains? The smell of wildflowers, autumn colors, long waterfalls to fearsome black bears, the smoky mountain ranges have it all. The most striking feature of the mountains is the blue-colored mist that hangs on the top of the peak and valley of the mountain.

The smoke on the top of the mountain is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at. The mist makes the mountain appear much bigger than it actually is, exploring the smoky mountain will be one other thrilling thing in your lifetime.

The number of visitors to the smoky mountain has been increasing every single year. More people are now embarking on a journey with their friends and family.

If you want to go on a journey in the mountain, this article would have the information that you need to know about the mountain and history, so, you will get a more wholesome picture when you return home from your grand adventure.


A Peek Behind the History of the Smokey Mountain

Great Smokey Mountains National Park
Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Compared to other national parks in the country, this national park has more than 90 historic structures. Most Of the structures that you will see in this park were built by hand.

They still have the unique crafting element to them, when you see them, you will know the real beauty of the structures just as they were decades ago. Some of the historic structures dating back to the pre-European settlement era.

Ann Davis moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1915, after a few years, she fell in love with the smoky mountains. To protect the beauty of the mountain she proposed the creation of a national park to preserve the natural beauty of the mountain from getting lost.

In 1925, she became a member of the Tennessee state house of representatives. She made a bill to purchase land for the creation of a national park. Both North Carolina and Tennessee gave the federal government more than 300,000 hectares of land for the national park.

Then in the year 1934, June 15, The Great Smoky Mountain National park was established.

The Official ceremony happened in the 1940s. Where then president Roosevelt spoke at a ceremony that took place on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. In the ceremony, he had this to say about the smoky mountain,

“It is good and right that we should conserve these mountain heights of the old frontier for the benefit of the American people.”

The Present Status of the Great Rocky Mountain

More than 9 million people visit the great smoky mountain national park each year. When it comes to the accessible area, the largest part of the rocky mountain is protected.

But people are allowed to visit the land without paying any fee in exchange. It is one of the few national parks in the country that is free to enter.

Now in the time of the universal pandemic, the great smoky rocky mountain has been experiencing a record-breaking attendance.

Compared to the number of visitors of the previous years, this year, the park saw an attendance of twelve million people. Even a large pandemic couldn’t stop the people from coming into this luscious natural beauty.

The Thriving Animal Kingdom

Thriving animal life is one of the major elements of the park that lures people into the mountain. The most popular place to see the lives of animals is in an area called Cades Cove. If you are looking for history, Cades Coves has a long and rich history that goes back to the 1800s.

Many Cherokee Indians used to hunt in the cave, around 270 people used to live here in the 1830s. The historical figures, structures can still be seen with most of the beauty still intact.

Grist Mill
Grist Mill

Some Of The past glories that you can see here are large houses, log houses, barns, churches, and a functioning mill. This cave features animals such as white-tailed deer, dogs like coyotes, turkeys, and the famous black bear of the mountain.

Most visitors visit the great smoky mountains for the black bears. There is a large population of black bears that can be found in the mountains. The bear population used to be huge in this park in North America.

But the population has been on the decline because of habitat loss. Now the population of the bear is sitting at the number of around 1,500.

The officials of the great smoky mountain park are working hard to preserve them from any harm. The visitors are warned not to get close to the bear or leave behind anything on the ground that can harm the bears in any way.

The Healing Natural Air

The power of nature is real, when you are in the mountains, enjoying the air that surrounds the top of the mountain. You feel a new sense of life, every time you breathe in the fresh air.

If The stress is rising up in your body, you should take some time out of your life to take the fresh antidote that the mountain has to offer for free. The natural air of the mountain has all the ingredients that connect with the human soul.

There is a reason why so many people flock to the mountains every year. Most of it due to getting out of the city life and taking in a much more natural approach to life.

Spending more time with nature, human beings tend to reflect on themselves and create new ideas and lifestyles to live their life differently than they used to be.

People who did enjoy their time in the mountain, have shown their support through a donation. The park is free, but financial support of any kind will make sure the park’s beauty stays the same every year.

The palace you know and love should be preserved, so, every new visitor will be able to see what you saw from the park upon your first visit.

The Things You Can Do On Great Smoky Mountain

You know what kind of environment the mountain will offer, but what about the activities? When you are taking your friends or family to spend a week at any place, you expect the place to be filled with activities that everybody can take part in and enjoy the time they spend in the palace. Being one of the top mountains in the country, the great smoky mountain also offers a handful of activities that you and your family can participate in.

Leaf Peeping

Some might not be fully aware of the term leaf-peeping. If you like being part of nature or like to be surrounded by colorful trees. In fall, you can drive to higher elevations for a majestic view of the park.

Which will have more than 100 tree species with different colors. Here you will see the color oranges, red, yellow on the trees, pick the right spot, then the whole park will come alive with these colors.

Fall in Smokey Mountain Park
Fall in Smokey Mountain Park

Staying inside the cabin

While it may not look exciting on paper, but when you step inside the cabin, cottages, or vacation homes. You will get to see the adventurous side of the living world.

Here you will find rustic cabins with large balconies, an outdoor kitchen, and hot tubs for the whole family. If you are taking a trip to share it with someone you love, then the cottages also offer a variety of services and excellent for the honeymooners.

It doesn’t matter, where you decide to stay in the mountain, you are going to see the majestic view of the great smoky mountain. Which is something that you are never going to get tired of even after seeing a handful of times.

Water-related activities

Right on the southern border, you will see a beautiful lake going by the name of Fontana Lake. This small lake with 240 miles of shoreline, is the best spot for water-related activities.

Fontana Lake
Fontana Lake

Here you can rent a boat in Fontana village for a full day trip. The water is clean and crystal clear, the reflection of the trees on the water below is what makes this place a perfect region to carry out your water-related activities.

If a waterfall is a thing that you are dying to see in the mountain, then you are not going to be disappointed. As the park has over 100 cascades and waterfalls. The park is known for its 2,000 miles of stream and rivers.

Normal Sightseeing

If you are looking for a quieter ride through the great smoky mountain, you can head to the roaring forks motor nature trail to get the full sense of nature.

On your ride, you will get to see views of rushing streams, old log cabins, mills, and forested wilderness. With every step you take down the road, you will get closer to nature itself.

How would you like to be on the top of a 6,643-foot round-top peak sitting at the top of the park and the state? Then head to the Clingmans Dome, at sunset this place just looks more like a fictional movie than reality.

This peak is popular, and it’s on the list of every tourist who goes to the great smoky mountain. So if you want to be there without fighting the crowd, then better start off early. If you wait any longer, you will see a large group of people blocking your way.

Tourist Element

While the adventure alone is made for the tourist if you want to keep a souvenir of your visit to the great smoky mountain. You can get to have that in the gateway towns.

Here you can enjoy the aquariums, rides, museums, and Dollywood. It’s an amusement park and resort founded by the actress and country singer Dolly Parton.


There is also the famous Appalachian Trail, the seven miles famous trail can be exhausting and will consume your entire day for it to be completed. If you are determined and have the will to take the challenge head-on, then pushing back is no answer.

If you are planning to hike in the great smoky mountain, then this is the place to be. The entire run will last for a day, when you complete it, it will be a thing to remember for the rest of your life.

Historic Sightseeing

Another aspect of the grand smoky mountain is the historic value that it has to offer to the people. If your sole intention is to take in the history behind the place, then there is no place to start your adventure other than Cades Cove. here you will see mills, barns, cabins, and churches.

If you are looking for more authentic history pieces, then head to Mountain Farm Museum at Oconaluftee. Here you will see a large collection of structures from the late 1800s.

Mountain Farm Museum
Mountain Farm Museum


Some of the flowers will never be seen in the city area. These flowers require a perfect environment to bloom. The great smoky mountain seems to be the perfect place for the wildflowers to grow in the spring and summer.

Here you will find over 1,500 plants from different categories in the region. Some of them are delicate spring beauties, trilliums, trout lilies, wild geranium, and orchids. The perfect time to visit the smoky mountain for flower exposure is mid-April to mid-May.

If you plan your trip between mid-April to May, then you are going to witness the best bloom. In April the color of the flowers will be very tempting, as they burn to live in this season.


The activities that you can do in the smoky mountain are limitless. So, better prepare yourself first before you set any plan for the journey.

The climate and the environment can be a bit challenging for newcomers. But a healthy amount of preparation will have you stunned at the things you’ll see in this place.