What Makes Yellowstone National Park Stand Out?

The first National Park in the world has everything from the dramatic flair to geysers, grizzlies, trendy towns, and the Grand Canyon. There are many canyons in Yellowstone National Park.

The most famous is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, with two big waterfalls –the Upper and Lower Falls—and its dramatic canyon walls. This is some of the interesting stuff that you will get to see in the Yellowstone national park.

What makes Yellowstone national park stand out? The land itself is alive with wildlife, forests, fields, and geothermal features. This is something you have to see with your own eyes to get the actual scope of the park and the beauty that it has to offer to people.

If you have probably heard about this park from movies and TV shows. There is a reason why Yellowstone national park sits with people after all these years.

The land itself is alive with wildlife, forests, fields, and geothermal features. That is something you have to see with your own eyes to get the actual scope of the park and the beauty that it has to offer to people.

In the US, you will find a variety of parks with their own unique features and their climate that brings the best out of the park. Yellowstone national park also fits into that circle, as it offers unique scenarios that are completely different from other parks in the country.

One of the striking things about Yellowstone national park is its popularity. There are plenty of actions that have been taken to preserve the beauty of the Yellowstone. So many politicians have contributed their effort to make the suede landscape of Yellowstone capture the beauty of the west day in and out.

Yellowstone has more things to offer to the people than just being a regular park. One of the things that make the park stand out amongst the rest is the history behind the park.

Which if you look at it now, it holds a tremendous value and offers people to learn something new about the land. Here you are going to learn everything there is to know about Yellowstone National park, to make your journey to the park more adventurous.


The Size of the Park

Yellowstone is huge it is bigger than two of the states in the US. Yellowstone is around 3,472 square miles long, when you put things into state perspective, the park is bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

The land is situated in the state of Wyoming but it also takes up some spots in Idaho and Montana. While you will be able to find parks in the US that are larger than Yellowstone but it is hard to beat the denseness of Yellowstone Park.

Here you can expect to see deep geysers, mud pots, steam vents, and hot springs to light up the place. Millions of people come to the park every year to see the magnificent beauty of nature alive in this park.

While it may not hold the trophy of being the biggest park in the country, it definitely matches up in terms of natural beauty.

Ancient History of the park

People love to dive into any word that carries a bit of history behind it. If you consider yourself among them, then you are going to love Yellowstone.

The history of the Yellowstone dates is 10,000 years old. The beauty of the park came into existence in the 19th century, up until that time, the land was completely unknown to Americans.

In the 19th century, a non-Indian man named John Colter set his journey into the Yellowstone region. When he returned, people became aware of the beauty of the Yellowstone region

As he told stories about gurgling hot springs, majestic waterfalls, and the natural beauty of the land of Yellowstone. According to historians, Colter was the first white man to witness the beauty of the Yellowstone National Park.

Interesting Facts about the Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

One of the major aspects of the Yellowstone National park lies in its rich history which makes this place even more memorable. Here are some of the interesting facts about the park that will blow you away.

  • After the Colter’s visit to Yellowstone. A Montana bureaucrat named Truman Everts was thought to be dead after he got separated from his party during one organized survey.
  • The 54-year-old man spent over a month in the lands of Yellowstone without any supplies or his trusty horse by his side. In these times, he survived gruesome snowstorms, delirium, and painful environmental challenges from nature.
  • He was found alive in the year 1870, he weighed 90 pounds and was suffering from frostbite.
  • Are you a huge fan of supervolcanoes, while it does sound awesome. When you visit Yellowstone park, you are literally walking on the supervolcano. Beneath the land of the Yellowstone, contains a large amount of magma that can fill the grand canyon several times over.
  • The last time the volcano saw the light of the day was 640,000 years ago. The volcano is powerful, it if erupts again then it can turn the entire state into an ash pile.
  • The Yellowstone that we know now was originally named Wonderland. During the heydays of the Alice Adventures of Wonderland, the Northern Pacific released an AD campaign promoting Yellowstone as the New wonderland.
  • They had to go with this tactic of marketing because Yellowstone was luring only thousands of visitors every year. To boost the popularity of the park, they had to go with capitalizing on the popularity of Lewis Carroll’s book.
  • The US army ran the park of Yellowstone for 30 years. They were there to guard the national treasures of the park. In those days, the park suffered heavy damage from tourists vandalizing the park’s geysers, rock formation, and hunting natural resources.
  • When the troops landed, the rate of damage slowed down. In the year 1918, they had to leave the park as the newly created National Park Service took over the responsibilities of the park.
  • If you have an eye for rare animals, Yellowstone is the only place in the world where you will find the nation’s oldest herd of bison. The hunting seasons made the bison population come close to extinction. Now the number of bison is suddenly growing as they are being taken care of and guarded well from hunters in the park.

These were some of the interesting facts about the Yellowstone national park. The rich history of the park always brings the true color of the world outside to the people.

That’s why the number of people who come to visit the park every year is increasing at a large rate. And in the future, the park will see even more people taking interest in the true beauty of nature.

Part of the reasons why this park works, as everything is what it looked like decades ago. The beauty of the park is preserved. This perseverance is what kept the entire park alive from any harm.

Things You Can Do In The National Park

If you are planning to visit Yellowstone, then you have to make sure to get to all the best places in the park before you run back home. This place will blow your mind if you hit all the landmarks.

This section will provide you all the things that you can do in the National Park, so you will not miss out on any of it when you are paying a visit to this amazing park.

  • Watching Geysers Eruption
Old Faithful Yellowstone Park
Old Faithful Yellowstone Park

This should sit at the top of the list of Yellowstone Park. The park has the largest active geysers in the whole world. The Old Faithful is the world-famous geyser located in Yellowstone.

Mark this as your must-see location in the Yellowstone. True beauty will only come to reality when you are watching with your very own eyes. And this geyser is the location that will bring fantasy to you.

So, make sure to add Old Faithful to the list of places that you have to visit on your stay at Yellowstone.

  • Animals in Natural Habitat
Buffalo Yellowstone National Park
Buffalo Yellowstone National Park

Many people feel uncomfortable visiting zoos to watch animals. Most of the items the animals that you see in a zoo are unhappy and unplayful.

But when you watch them in their natural habitat, you will see something that can be captured in a zoo. Yellowstone is home to more wild animals than anywhere else in the United States.

Here you will see grizzly bears, gray wolves, bison herd, bald eagles, moose, swans, and more in their natural environment. It is a rare sight to see animals carry on with their wild lives, which is something that can’t be overserved in a zoo.

  • Hiking

If hiking is what you seek to do in a park, Yellowstone will make sure you are going to get the best experience of hiking if you step your foot into this land.

The wild side of the Yellowstone is adventurous, all you need to do is to get on the 1,330-mile trail system. People who are in for hiking, prefer to take Bunsen Peak, Mt, Washburn, and Uncle Tom’s Trail.

If you have kids on your journey, then there are other hiking trips that you take with your children. So, they will get to have fun too.

  • Camping

Would you like to spend your time under the stars away from the brimming city lights? Then the Yellowstone is the best place to set your next trip. Here you can stay at many campsites inside the park all of them have great natural surroundings with things to enjoy for the adults and the kids.

  • Western Life
Jackson Hole Wyoming
Jackson Hole Wyoming

Being a cowboy is something that everybody wants to do, riding on a horse, seeing all the majestic wildlife around you, as the sun rays hit your face.

Jackson is south of Yellowstone it will be a great place to catch a rodeo, attend an old west gunfight, watch all the valleys, rivers, eat an old west cookout, and much more.

Here you can also learn about the famous real-life cowboy Buffalo Bill. A true cowboy experience is what you are going to see here.

So make sure you dress up as one if you want to fit into the crowd here, otherwise, you will find yourself lost in the mist.

  • Fishing

People who visit this place for the sole purpose of fishing don’t leave with disappointment because this place is famous for its fly and lure fishing types.

The trout are bigger than you can imagine, as they can be found in the waters of north, south, and west of Cody. But out of them all, the number 1 fishing destination here is the Carbon Country’s Miracle Mile.

Fly fishing has certainly been picking up more steam amongst avid fishing fans. If you are looking for a place to fling your fly, then there is no better location than Yellowstone Lake or the Madison River to catch the best fish that the park has to offer. To get more information on fly fishing, Visit Flyfishingrookie.com.

  • Hunting for Rocks, Fossils

If you want to take a dive into the history of the world, Yellowstone has petroglyphs and pictographs of dinosaur fossils to fulfill your needs. If you want to watch something even cooler than the dinosaur museum, then you can witness a basalt column, which is formed by lava and a petrified forest.

  • Culture

Native Indian reservations are very frequent in Yellowstone. Here you can watch tribal members participating in various traditional rituals.

There are museums to see the historical value of the native Indians. You can do that while you stay in Cody here you can also explore the church and museums and try out your luck at casinos.

The number of things that you can do here is overwhelming. Make sure to take your time to cover and cover all of them before you leave this beautiful park. The option is what makes this place better than some other parks on the counter.


The amount of things that you can do here is overwhelming. The place demands to be explored, only then you will get the beauty of the park and what kind of interesting stuff it has for you.

Only through exploration, you will uncover the best part of the park to you. So make sure to take your time and uncover all the places of this great park before you leave town. There’s a chance that you will find something that will you keep coming back every year.