Long Term RV Parks Washington State


Long Term RV Parks Washington State

Amidst the challenge of finding a suitable RV (Recreational Vehicle) park with friendly terms and policies. It is no doubt that Washington State is embellished with a couple of attractive features like beauty characterized by nature. There are unfolding opportunities in the area of recreation for virtually everyone to access. Regardless of your background, status gender, age, facial appearance, or experience, et cetera).

Even for the newbie who’d like to derive some level of fun on the water. Or perhaps tour the woods or to the intrepid great long-distance hiker. There’s room for folks like you to bask in Washington’s sizable forests, gorgeous coastlines, and tough mountains.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to on our discussion regarding “Long Term RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks.”


Washington State has some cities that also have a lot of packages to present to campers on a boondocking adventure.

They range from the typical rainy metropolis in the urban area of Seattle to sunny Spokane in the east of Washington State.

If you would like to find some good long term RV (Recreational Vehicle) parks in the State of Washington. Then your best bet could be like Ryan’s RV (Recreational Vehicle) in the Town of Everett. Which has ”the inside facts” on a couple of choices ”long term parks” strategically located throughout the state region.

The list does include these, but there are more.

  • Issaquah Village RV (Recreational Vehicle) Park – (Issaquah, Washington)
  • Eagle Tree RV (Recreational Vehicle) Park – (Poulsbo, Washington)
  • Columbia Sun RV (Recreation Vehicle) Resort in (Kennewick, Washington)
  • The Driftwood RV (Recreational Vehicle) Resort And Campground in Copalis Beach, Washington.
  • Spokane RV (Recreational Vehicle) Resort – (Deer Park, Washington)

 Issaquah Village RV (Recreational Vehicle) Park – Issaquah, Washington:

Issaquah RV Resort

Going by distance, the town of Issaquah is about twenty (20) miles less from Seattle and also shrouded by the pretty Cascade Mountains.

It is a year-round RV (Recreational Vehicle) park with fifty-six (56) sites, sufficient hookups, room for slide outs, and also pull through(s).

The likes of Cable TV, Wi-Fi hotspots, twenty (24) hour coin laundry, and a couple of other services were made available.

In the same vein, you can also find restrooms, showers, a handful of interesting amenities such as kids’ playground coupled with tetherball and horseshoes, et cetera.

In addition, due to its location, there’s access to exciting natural vistas, enough relaxation potential plus its closeness to a good number of parks and lures.

Key Note:

It is imperative to know that ”Lake Sammamish” is close to the area, with its estimated seven thousand (7000) foot high waterfall plus streams full of salmon.

That being said, you can as well have access to the likes of Snoqualmie Pass, the famous Snoqualmie Falls, often featured in the starting sequence of the TV (Television) show popularly known as ”Twin Peaks.”

Furthermore, Seattle town isn’t far away should you at any point find yourself desiring to explore some urban adventures.

Eagle Tree RV (Recreational Vehicle) Park – Poulsbo, Washington:

Eagle Tree RV Resort

In clear terms, this RV (Recreational Vehicle) park is precisely on the popular Olympic Peninsula situated along the Puget Sound, obviously to the west area of Seattle.

It is also a year-round park and has over eighty-eight (88) RV (Recreational Vehicle) sites. They have adequate hookups that do have pull through options. And as well a good number of rooms for guests to relax and also explore other bounties.

There’s provision for a clubhouse, kitchen space, book exchange service, pet-friendly arena, free wireless Internet plus cable TV (Television) in a bid to make the experience lively.

Key Note:

As it regards urban recreation, the likes of Seattle, other cities, are easily accessible via traveling across the sound. Affording you the rare privilege to have a quiet and peaceful home base from which you can do a whole lot of activities. Things like journeying and exploring the city area on foot or perhaps via mass transit.

But however, it is obvious that the key feature of Eagle Tree is its forested site location adjacent to ONP (Olympic National Park.

This is where you’ll see mountain vistas and a couple of other opportunities for recreational activities. You can do things like hiking, swimming, biking, fishing, and even viewing with every sense of admiration. There is ”a swath of the popular pristine sylvan fairness of the Pacific Northwest.”

Columbia Sun RV (Recreation Vehicle) Resort – Kennewick, Washington:

Columbia Sun RV Resort

This park is situated in Kennewick near the meeting point of the Columbia, Yakima and likewise Snake rivers.

It optimizes a hundred and forty-five (145) complete hookup RV (Recreational Vehicle) sites, with over seventy (70) created mainly to handle gigantic rigs.

It is no longer news that the park is being operated by the owner. The park has a heated pool system, a hot tub system, private restrooms, and showers.  There are three (3) facilities for laundry, a camp store with nice groceries, supplies and gift packages.

Meanwhile, you could stay here for months and everything you would need going forward – is readily made available, accessible, and the interstate nearby simply means you certainly won’t have to journey back roads to arrive your destination.

Key Note:

It is important you know that the city of Kennewick (which obviously is part of the Tri (3) Cities’ vicinity) itself. Does offer pretty good stores (the likes of Walmart, Costco, et cetera). This is so that you can further save up as you’re journeying through the state.

Furthermore, the Columbia River does cut through town, and the riverside park on the other hand – does offer a good number of opportunities for tranquil recreation.

Going forward, just within the ”Heart of Washington Wine Country” is Kennewick. It is situated to ensure wine connoisseurs has a good time with sufficient wine rounds in place. Between the riverfront recreation, and the individuals who camp here.

They can attest to the fact that you’ve got nothing to worry about while lodging here. This is due to the bounty opportunities plus cool entertainment you could find within Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland.

The Driftwood RV (Recreational Vehicle) Resort And Campground – (Copalis Beach, Washington)

Driftwood RV Resort

This park was established in 1930 and has been operating from that time until today’s date.

It is undoubtedly true that beachcombers are being quoted as saying ”your chances of beating the area where Driftwood RV (Recreational Vehicle) Resort is being situated, is too slim or somewhat impossible” – given the fact that it is mapped somewhere along the center of Washington’s Pacific Coast area.

The park was sold in the year 2013 to the current owners who now man the place. As well as carry out subsequent renovations to ensure it remains intact. With every feature that has the tendency to attract campers.

It accommodates visitors for weeks or months, and you could also find things like cable TV, Wi-Fi, pull through sites. There are restrooms, fire pits with dry wood, and a couple of hookups that are readily made available.

Key Note:

It might interest you to know that – located close to the campsite is the ”Copalis River”. This does flow into the sea toward the north, via Griffiths-Priday State Park – (obviously a pretty good seaside spot to relax and have fun).

In the same vein, the nicely arrayed vistas of the sea are one of the other bounties you would most likely enjoy. This is especially true if you are in the process of hiking or perhaps walking along the seacoast area.

Spokane RV (Recreational Vehicle) Resort – (Deer Park, Washington):

Spokane RV Resort

You could find this RV (Recreational Vehicle) lodge situated in the meager area of Deer Park, mapped north of Spokane proper.

Campers could also stay here for weeks, or months if they so wish.

It is obvious that campers in the Eastern Region of Washington are being given the rare privilege to explore and enjoy the amenities readily made available here in no small way.

They have things like cable TV plus sixty (60) channels, and Wi-Fi, a hot tub, and a heated swimming pool. There is a kids’ playground, a nine (9) hole, golf course, and a sizable space for the family to converge. There are areas for pets and a couple of other things some of the services being provided are – rig washing and waxing, facilities for regular exercise, bathrooms, and showers.

Key Note:

It may also interest you to know that you’re just fifteen (15) minutes away from Spokane. Spokane has lots of places to shop like malls and grocery stores as well as all kinds of dining places.


Now that you now have a pretty good idea on where to locate Long Term RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks in Washington State.

I also encourage you to do some due diligent research online so you know more about the various parks.

Things like their guidelines, the area where they are situated the security architecture of the aforementioned towns. The government policies and regulations, and some of the other helpful information you may need during your stay.

It is also paramount for you to note that the duration of your stay in any of the- aforementioned parks isn’t fixed forever. But could change or vary from time to time as the day unfolds.

Such change could result from nature of infrastructure, financial issues, ability to cater for a certain number of visitors at a time, government policies and regulations, or the likes of other factors (be it natural or artificial) capable of influencing a change in operation.

Here is another great place to camp.














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