Can You Boondock With Dogs


Can You Boondock With Dogs?

Honestly, by asking you just let loose what I personally consider to be – one of those many interesting but somewhat hilarious questions in the world of boondocking.

Meanwhile, I appreciate the same and also commend you for thinking it.

Can you boondock with dogs? That being said, yes – it is absolutely possible to boondock with dogs especially if you’ve done your homework on how to go about it.

Nonetheless, in this post, I’ll be sharing some vital information that could help you get prepared.

Take Health Into Consideration:


Good diet translates into health for ‘ not just man alone” but also dogs and other living creatures as well.

Make sure you have enough food and water specifically for dogs and pets, so they don’t resort to drinking something alien to them.

Mind you, an adequate diet for dogs does have a way of curbing the likes of diarrhea, running stomach, et cetera.

Additionally, when going for resealable containers, make sure they are airtight to prevent external bodies (i.e rodents, insects, etc) from getting in.


Make efforts to go along with first aid materials designed to serve the medical needs of your dog.

Yeah, that’s very crucial.

More specifically, first find out all you need to know regarding medication for dogs before administering any form of preventive or corrective medication.

That being said, consulting a vet doctor for guidance is also a pretty good option.

It is also cool to plan doses ahead of emergency situations.

Key Note:

It is of utmost importance to know that an “up-to-date rabies vaccination” is being taken seriously by several campgrounds, and parks, or many others.

Having said that, ensure you constantly make provisions for such.

Not necessarily because of any policy on the ground, but rather to continue promoting a safe haven for all humans, dogs, whatever!

Even so, I strongly want to believe you look forward to having a healthy living while boondocking.

Meanwhile, make sure you do due diligence on the area so you could know whether or not it is vulnerable to any pet-related disease.

Furthermore, keeping track with the fore-mentioned vaccination could literally make pet owners conscious of maintaining a good health status for dogs and others.

Take Safety Into Consideration:

Dog Harness
Dog Harness with a link to Amazon

Get a leash to ensure your dog doesn’t roam about and get exposed to any form of danger that could arise from an encounter with wild animals – (the likes of cougars, coyotes, or a bear, et cetera).

However, there’s a balance to that.

As you plan to leash your dog, also make deliberate efforts to check up on the innocent pet regularly.

Dog on a Leash
Dog on a leash

It wouldn’t be cool to just tie pets, leave them exposed and helpless to their wild counterparts.

You already know what the outcome of such an encounter could be.

Bloodshed! Isn’t it?

So please, try to do all that you possibly can to prevent such a situation from occurring.

Key Note:

Caution your dog when they are barking unnecessarily.

It not only disturbs but it also has a greater tendency to attract wild animals around your vicinity. Also, do likewise each time you’re out there with your dog watching the wildlife grazing on a green area or perhaps making beautiful melodies in the tree branches.

Yeah, it is very essential.

Reason being that – a good number of wild animals are not okay with the idea of barking in their terrain.

That act could literally make them upset and retaliate immediately.

Furthermore, there’s this notion of pets wanting to have a place or thing they could fall back on – in a bid to get every sense of security possible.

Making provision for such should also be a vital part of your plan to ensuring The safety of your dog.

Whatever it is your dog considers a safe haven in times of stress, be sure that it is being put in place.

That may sound stressful, but if you do love and care for your dog, you would go all out to have their back.

In other words, no price will be too much to pay for the safety of your pet.

Take Structure And Ventilation Into Consideration:

A well-ventilated structure that could accommodate you and your dog throughout your stay in the boonies, should be factored into your overall plan.

Even so, you may like to settle for a tent, camper, recreational vehicle, et cetera.

Meanwhile, whatever it is you decide on, always be sure there are openings for adequate ventilation.

Yeah, reason because – an airtight space could result in suffocation, even at the expense of your pet dog.

So the idea of ”openings” would help a great deal if you plan on keeping your pet inside whenever you’re out for a trip or something else.

Key Note:

It is important to know that boondocking doesn’t come with hookups that you find on private campgrounds or the like.

So obviously, you just have to improvise a better alternative to compensate for that luxury.

That being the case, you either have to spend on diesel, solar installation, or better still – resort to natural ventilation you ain’t paying for.

However, there are times you don’t get the wind towing in your favor or direction.

Well, those are moments you’d wish you have a ceiling fan, air conditioner – already installed and working perfectly.

Going forward, it is absolutely true there are also times you may have to let your pet remain indoors without any power supply.

Though some persons do employ the use of a kennel – strategically placed in pretty good locations that isn’t vulnerable to sunlight

But regardless of what the situations are, make sure you do the needful to the end that yourself and pet dog would have a great time together with no cause for alarm.

Some Existing Rules To Consider:

As It Regards Emergency Situations:

Consolidating on what I earlier shared concerning the need to consult a vet doctor, it is indeed a ”must do” should your pet dog be involved in any form of mishap, disease, illness, whatever.

It became so serious to the extent you could literally find their services in a good number of locations.

Honestly, that for me is not only ”a welcome development” but also a silver lining or perhaps good things taking place in unpleasant situations.

That being said, always ensure you get the contact details of any such vet services before you go boondocking with your pet dog.

Key Note:

A qualified vet should not only be able to administer medications, but also should know about registering pets and chip data.

Yeah, it is very important you become aware of the fact that registered pets with chip information – makes ”missing cases” pretty much easier to handle.

That would make much sense to you – if at all you’ve had similar situations in the past involving lost items, properties, et cetera.

So like I said earlier, the vet doctor should be able to offer guidance on how to go about the same.

Additionally, making provisions for an up to date medical insurance on behalf of your dog is indeed a step in the right direction.

Even so, there are a couple of legit insurers willing and committed to cover for expenses resulting from damages, accidents, injuries, et cetera.

Inasmuch as you don’t pray for hazards or an encounter with vicious animals, have an insurance plan in place.

P.S – It is being said, that insurance is something you buy in anticipation of not using it, but can’t buy it when you need it.

As It Regards Driving On Road:

It is quite obvious some pets enjoy car rides, but others don’t.

But seeing that you plan on taking your pet dog along, I want to believe you also buy the idea of making them feel comfortable with every sense of safety.

Dog Cages

However, I would encourage you to set boundaries in a bid to curb certain excesses.

That could mean restricting unnecessary movements within the vehicle – (i.e jumping around, or the likes of other playful activities).

By so doing, you could maintain an appreciable level of focus while driving.

Meanwhile, having other folk travel in the same vehicle with you and your dog would greatly help to curb such situations.

That would also mean ”maximum focus” for you while driving.

Key Note:

You could find pretty good enclosures for meager dogs – from a couple of pet stores.

Large dogs, on the other hand, could be accommodated in a suitable corner within the RV (Recreational Vehicle).

Furthermore, Individuals with a motor home could have their pets explore choice areas, even while driving.

But that isn’t the case with those having a trailer, seeing that the pet is being kept in another vehicle (usually the tow vehicle) other than the trailer.

Whatever the situation is, pets seem to derive a sense of comfort and safety being around you the owner.


In conclusion, however, make efforts to ask around, research online, and also contact the regulatory agencies overseeing boondocking activities in your area.

Undoubtedly, the information you get from that due diligence will not only keep you and your pet or dog safe. But it would also catapult you guys steps ahead.