5 Amazing Places to Camp in the United States

I Have been camping and boondocking for quite a few years. There are so many amazing places to camp in the United States that it would take me several months to list them all. So I am just going to list 5 that you might not have heard about in this article.


Jalama Beach

I am going to start number one with Jalama Beach. Jalama Beach in California is located near Lompoc this out-of-the-way county-run park is incredible.

If you don’t want hookups you can camp right on the beach. But if you need hookups they have sites up on the ridgeline and back off the beach with partial hookups.

There is electricity and some with water also there’s an easy-to-access dump station. This place has all the amenities you would possibly want in a place like this.

Getting there it’s a little out of the way via a windy road off of US 1 or CA 1. But once you get here it is stunning there are cabins and small restaurant that has access immediately to the surf.

It has some amazing scenery and some interesting facts about this place. One is to the north is Vandenberg and to the south is a private ranch for nearly 50 miles around you now. For 20 miles around there is nothing and nobody located on the Central Coast Jalama. It is our first unknown amazing spot

Log Cabin Campground

Number two on this list is Log Cabin Campground it is in the Olympic National Park.

But not in the Olympic National Park that you’re familiar with. This is a brand-new or relatively new addition to the National Park Service. It used to be a private location situated on a scenic lake located on the north side of the National Park.

It is open for RV and tent camping, it is really easy to access in an RV. It’s lesser-known, so it tends to not be as crowded as most campgrounds.

There are sites backing right up to a very beautiful lake, and there’s a dock here where you can launch kayaks.

There is a place where they rent kayaks and paddleboards. There’s a restaurant, motel and it’s all accessible right off the road via paved highways. Concessionaires run these and they run in and out of the park.

They have sites that can accept up to about 35 foot RV’s, the location is absolutely amazing and it is a National Park Campground. Olympic National Park definitely one of our top unknown amazing places to camp

McGregor Lakes RV.

The number three pick is a private RV park known as McGregor Lakes RV.

This park is located up off of us 2 in northwestern Montana and basically located in the middle of nowhere. There’s a large RV park cut into the trees surrounded by forests.

Just across the highway is a Lodge, restaurant, bar, small store, and access to a lake. It offers fishing and boating, and this is out of the way and very unknown.

If you have a big RV it’s absolutely perfect, with packed gravel roads and easy to access pads. You can spend the whole summer here or just stop in for an overnight stay.

This is definitely a destination to add to your list of places that you must go to. It’s  unknown and it is amazing McGregor Lakes in Montana

Falls Campground

Number four on our list is Falls Campground this is a US Forest Service campground technically it is about 25 miles outside of Dubois Wyoming.

Hidden near Grand Teton National Park it has absolutely enormous sites for both tent and RV campers. It’s little-known and it’s only about 30 miles from Grand Teton.

This campground has 54 sites some have electricity and some are primitive tent and RV sites they are near Brooks Lake Creek Falls.

There’s a hiking trail from the campsites down to this viewpoint of a beautiful waterfall. Off in the distance, there are beautiful scenic mountains.

This is a US Forest Service campground so it’s inexpensive and does not tend to be very crowded

Manistique Lakeshore Campground

Finally, we come to the Manistique Lakeshore Campground. It is brand new and located on the northern shore of Lake Michigan.

This is in the Upper Peninsula area, it has paved and concrete parking pads and it is absolutely stunning.

This is a city-owned park located a block from downtown and this is a working town. It’s not a tourist town so it’s a little bit more authentic and easy to access with any size RV.

They have some pull through and back in options and tent sites. These have to be some of the coolest tent sites you can ever find.

They are tucked into the trees. they have electrical outlets, fire rings, and nice tent pads. They seem to be isolated from everybody yet you’re within walking distance of a restroom, laundry, and a lakeshore.

The lakeshore is what makes this park really special. From the campground, you can walk onto a sandy beach or you can take a stroll out along a breakwater.

This gives you this majestic view especially at sunset of a red lighthouse. That has been converted into a channel marker located in the state of Michigan on the Upper Peninsula.

Manistique Lakeshore is an unknown place to camp so if you’re looking for an amazing place to camp come here.

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