Boondocking Around Carmel California!

We are in Carmel. I guess it’s really Carmel-by-the-Sea. This is the home of the famous Pebble Beach golf tournament. It’s also famous because this is where Clint Eastwood lives. Yeah, Clint Eastwood lives here. Probably right over there everything is sure beautiful here.

There’s actually an absolutely beautiful beach here. The Carmel beach with its white sand is perfect. This is the famous Carmel beach and yes it really is beautiful and right behind us is the Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Then, right behind that, are some beautiful homes on the beach. This is the kind of town that if you have to ask how much they cost you can’t afford it. But it is a beautiful place to visit.

So clearly, we are just visiting. Cause, we’re the kind of people who ask how much things are. These really are some beautiful little beach homes. Well, they are not little for sure, a lot of people have given their home a name here in Carmel.

So right along the side of the road, there are two homes tucked in this little driveway. One of them is named “Hytide” and the other is “Seamist.” If we win the lottery maybe we will buy one. Certainly couldn’t do any worse.

My wife our little dog and I are just walking around enjoying the sites guess we should get going. We’ve been here a couple of hours but there’s a lot of shopping to do here, lots of shopping, it’s just a gorgeous place.

So, what do you think Missy? Should we come back at some point in time? Missy is my little  Shih Tzu dog and she goes with us on all of our boondocking adventures.

So, as we’re driving down the coast, there’s just endless beautiful scenery. So, we just thought we’d pull over for a few minutes and enjoy a little bit of it. It’s really amazing around here. Even the hills. There’s not too much wind so. What do you think, Missy, Missy is a little afraid of heights so this isn’t the best, but.

She thinks it’s beautiful I’m sure right Missy, should we go down to watch the sunset? What do you think about the sunsets here? I don’t know what she thinks for sure but I think the sunsets are just absolutely beautiful here.

We’re parked right up on the hill we’re just going to watch the sunset and then try boondocking here. There are no signs up there saying no overnight parking or no sleeping in your car, or no, camping.

There are no signs at all so I’m going to try and park here and see what happens. We hope no one comes knocking on the door and tells us we can’t stay here.

So I definitely want to try to avoid that. But on the other hand, I want to camp in these spots right here. We could sit here and watch the waves crash across the rocks.

We should make, videos of the waves crashing on the rocks at Big Sur it would probably be a popular video.

sunset-carmel beach
Sunset-Carmel Beach

What an absolutely beautiful place this is we just watched the sun as it went down with the clouds lighting up.

The Sun just went down and the moon is just coming up it’s a beautiful moon. We’re going to go to bed early tonight so we can get an early start.

Well it’s been half of an hour and I’m still sitting here watching the moon, so we had better get to bed.

So good morning, good morning it’s a little late in the morning, but Missy, the wife, and I have been really lazy. It’s so beautiful here.

last night the wind really kicked up and there’s all these white caps and really wonderful waves. So, of course, we slept well and nobody bothered us. Great night. We woke up this morning and watched the sunrise and the moonset. And then went back to sleep for a couple of hours. We’ve just been lazy,  yes we have been lazy,

Aptos Shipwreck
Aptos Shipwreck

Missy, my wife, and I are in Aptos, and there’s a shipwreck here it’s kinda cool. This is the innermost point of Monterey Bay.

It is a lot hotter today than I thought it was. I guess it’s 70 degrees but it feels more like 80. There’s no wind, even the breeze of… well there’s no breeze off the ocean. It’s just freaking hot.

We are just taking a walk on the beach, we should have worn, short sleeve shirts and shorts and stuff. But nope not us, oh well. It was still a great time and an awesome boondocking outing.