Fishlake Campground In Fishlake Basin

Well, we’re here at Fish Lake Basin in the Fishlake National Forest. It is a kind of gem, as we see it. Here there are many recreational opportunities. Well, of course, you know, I guess it’s Fish Lake, in itself, there are several species of fish. Lake trout, Splake trout, tiger trout, musk, rainbow, kokanee, perch, browns, so a lot of variety of fishing there. There is almost always an opportunity to fish here in Fishlake. Recreation and winter fishing, too. Ice fishing is huge here.

Fishlake Resorts and Marinas

There are three different concessionaires and marinas, here through the Basin. We have Lakeshore Marina and Resorts at the southern end, of the basin. Fishlake Marina and Resorts, up to Fish Lake Lodge downtown, and then Bowery Haven Resorts and Marina in the north. Then, of course, there are several Forest Service camps along the Basin, and just north of Cuenca. These are all fantastic places to take your family and friends.