Where are Briggs and Stratton Generators Made?


Where are Briggs and Stratton Generators  Made?

Where are Briggs and Stratton Generators  Made? Made in the USA Briggs & Stratton is one of the world’s largest producers of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment and the headquarters is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  

They were founded in 1908. Briggs & Stratton now manufactures its products in 13 facilities in the United States. They also have 8 other facilities located around the world in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

A lot of Briggs & Stratton’s success today comes from World War II-era when they produced generators for the war effort. 

Every year, Briggs & Stratton builds over 9 million engines in the USA. The company has manufacturing facilities located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Murray, Kentucky; Auburn, Alabama; Statesboro, Georgia; McDonough, Georgia; and Munnsville, New York.

They also have a testing facility in Fort Pierce, Florida. Briggs & Stratton employs over 3,000 employees across six different states.

Some of its wholly-owned subsidiaries include North America’s number one marketers of portable generators and pressure washers.

They are leading designers, manufacturers, and marketers of lawn and garden turf care and job site products.

They do this through the Simplicity®, Snapper®, Snapper Pro®, Ferris®, Murray®, Allmand™, Branco®, Billy Goat®, and Victa® brands.

The Briggs & Stratton products are designed, manufactured, marketed and they are serviced in over 100 countries on six continents.

Briggs & Stratton also specializes in bi-fuel LP and NG generators.

Briggs and Stratton Generators

Sometimes, you just want a portable generator that can keep up with your needs, whether it is powering an RV on a camping trip or providing power to your home when the power goes out. Briggs and Stratton make generators that are great for a variety of situations.

Why Choose Briggs and Stratton

Briggs and Stratton as a company have been around since the informal partnership developed in 1908 between Harold M. Stratton and Stephen F. Briggs.

 As the years have passed, the Briggs & Stratton Company have become one of the most highly regarded brand names available in their industry.

This is due to the fact that they provide quality motors that are durable and affordable for most people. As an added bonus, they are made in an American based company.

Its headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and there are service centers throughout the entire world.

What this means is that when you purchase a Briggs and Stratton motor or even a generator. It will not be hard for you to have it serviced if you ever have an issue.

How Does Briggs & Stratton Compare?

If you compare a Briggs and Stratton standby generator to a Honda or a Yamaha portable generator, you will find a variety of good generators. Both Yamaha and Honda don’t try to make it their primary job to provide quality small engines.

This is not saying that either of them is unable to achieve it, they just don’t try to do it. But most people still enjoy knowing that their new generator is designed by a company who makes it their job to keep up with the technology behind creating a small motor.

When you combine this with the simple fact that you will pay more to have a Honda or a Yamaha powered generator. Then the winner is Briggs and Stratton for most people.

In some cases, you could pay a $100 more for the same type of portable generator if you choose the other brands, even those of a comparable size and performance rating. Why spend more to get the same thing?

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